Man gives up Google job to sell Mutton Samosas, Company Turnover now INR 50 lakh

Man gives up Google job to sell Mutton Samosas, Company Turnover now INR 50 lakh

This is what entrepreneurship needs indeed, an idea, a passionate brain and a wonderful stroke of luck. And there goes Munaf Kapadia all the way from working at Google to selling mutton samosas!

An MBA from Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee, Munaf said no to his huge salary package at Google. Why, because this man has not got a brain of an employee, but Munaf’s such step has proved that he is a born entrepreneur.

On one fine day, Munaf saw his mother watching comedy shows on television. He felt that his mother is wasting her amazing talent of making mutton samosas.

He then decided to share the recipe of her mother’s scrumptious food with the world out there. And now, his restaurant, which has an annual turnover of Rs 50 lakh, has become one of the most popular places in Mumbai.

From starters to the main course, desserts, beverages and condiments, you name it and there you get everything at Munaf’s restaurant, The Bohri Kitchen.

Not only commoners but also the celebrities have shown their love for Munaf’s food. However, there is a process that you have to go through to taste this scrumptious food.

Since the restaurant operates from Munaf’s house, it works on an invite basis. To get a table ordered at Munaf’s restaurant, you need to get in touch with his team and they invite you when they have the availability.

On why Munaf calls everyone to his home, he says that he believes in knowing what people think about his offering. This will make him understand his start-up better.

From that time, there has been no looking back for Munaf and Nafisa.

“If you ask people what is it you would like to do if you had all the money, the answer most likely is open a restaurant. And it was the same for me. I was happy with my job at Google,” said Munaf, the Chief Eating Officer of The Bohri Kitchen (TBK).

Nonetheless, if you somehow miss catching your invite at Munaf’s home, worry not, you will have your event booked for some other day.

Munaf has also been featured in Forbes under 30 list, and the man is gearing up for his future deals.

Published by Mamatha on 16 Jul 2017
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