Daughter Trishala makes Sanjay Dutt emotional at trailer launch of ‘Bhoomi’

Daughter Trishala makes Sanjay Dutt emotional at trailer launch of ‘Bhoomi’

The much awaited trailer of Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Bhoomi’ is finally out. The film is a passionate and touchy dramatization that investigates the connection between a father and little girl.  The actor is back in an action, in a role to take a revenge for daughter ‘Bhoomi’.

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What made the trailer launch special, was that it was scheduled on Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Thrishla’s birthday. ‘Bhoomi’ is an emotional and sensitive revenge drama that explores the relationship between a father and daughter. And this is why he wanted it to launch on Trishla’s birthday. Also, its his first movie after coming out of jail.

But did you know that Sanjay got very emotional at Bhoomi trailer launch. And the reason being daughter Trishla’s heartfelt message which left him teary eyed.

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Sanjay Dutt’s special day turned out to be even more special when the producers of Bhoomi – Bhushan Kumar and Sandeep Singh surprised the star with a letter from his daughter Trishala that was played as a voice note at the Bhoomi trailer launch.

The message said,

“My Dearest Papa Dukes,
It feels so nice to know that you’ve chosen to launch the trailer of Bhoomi on my birthday as a surprise! It gives me so much joy to know that you’ve chosen a film based on a father-daughter relationship as your comeback film as well. I’m really proud of you Dad. You are stronger than you know. I’m blessed to be apart of you.
I love you forever

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Produced by T-Series & Legend Studios and directed by Omung Kumar, ‘Bhoomi’ releases worldwide on September 22nd, 2017.

the trailer of the movie is currently trending at No. 1 on YouTube. In case you missed it, watch here:

Published by Kanika Saini on 11 Aug 2017
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