Here’s why Shivaay-Anika have the best Ishqbaazi we have ever seen!

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Here’s why Shivaay-Anika have the best Ishqbaazi we have ever seen!

We know that you have your own set of favourite Daily soaps, and favourite actors. But who said that the list can’t be edited? Among many other shows trending on Television, one most watched show is Star plus’ ‘Ishqbaaz’ with Nakul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna in lead.

And we can’t deny the fact that Shivaay and Anika share a sizzling chemistry that’s worth a watch. From their romantic scenes, to serious fights, they have the capability to get our eyes glued on screen.

Shivaay and Anika, or the fans call them Shivika are definitely the best Ishqbaaz of all time. Here’s why:

1- Not just husband-wife, they are more like best friends:

They both don’t share a typical husband-wife relationship. Instead, they are kinda a cool duo who happen to pull each other’s leg more than having romance.

2- They need not express their love for each other:

They both haven’t still expressed their love for each other, although they both know that ‘Farq pdta hai’. Isn’t it more of a realistic scene, when 2 people who are in love need to express it through words, flowers, or any such things. They are just together with a silent promise.

3- Their fights are so lovely:

Ok, nobody loves fighting! But look for once. How adorable they look shouting at each other, pulling each other’s leg! The lovely nick names they have for each other!

4- No sati-savitri and pati-parmeshwar drama:

Thank god! that we don’t have to bear that sati-savitri and pati-parmeshwar drama. Because we have had enough of it. We love how Anika plays a modern wife by ditching those heavy sarees and jhumkaas, and switched to Jeans-top, that’s what today’s women do! And we love how she supports Shivaay when necessary and disagrees with him when he’s wrong. That’s what mature women do, instead of blindly following pati-parmeshwar.

Published by Kanika Saini on 12 Aug 2017
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