Was ‘Titanic’ switched with it’s the ‘Olympic’ as part of an insurance scandal

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Was ‘Titanic’ switched with it’s the ‘Olympic’ as part of an insurance scandal

It is an historical irony that the most far-famed ship to ever sail was eminent as it sank, however that was the case with the RMS Titanic. Then the globe’s biggest and most deluxe cruise liner, it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage early on the morning of the 15th April 1912.

Within a period of 3 hours, it got buried to the base of the sea, slaughtering 1500 of the ship’s 2224 riders as well as crew members.

Titanic was one of three Olympic class ocean liners built at the Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast,  the other two being the RMS Britannic and the RMS Olympic.

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The Olympic got rolled out a year prior to the Titanic but appeared to share its more far-famed sister ship’s meagre fortune.

Within a few months of its initiation in the year 1911, it had experienced two grave accidents, the second with Royal Navy cruiser HMS Hawke off the shoreline of the Isle of Wight leading to grave structural harm to the Olympic’s keel and steel beams.

Some authors have recommended that the harm to the Olympic was more life-threatening than acknowledged. In actual fact, it was almost a write-off.

Repairs would be disastrously costly, resulting into wastage of millions of pounds. The already bothered White Star Line was confronting a prospective financial tragedy.

Could White Star and its landlord JP Morgan have developed a daring insurance scandal to strive and save their asset in the disturbed Olympic line?

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The Olympic, the hypothesis goes, would be switched with the Titanic and dropped in a theatrical mishap. The Titanic, now disguised as the Olympic, would then carry on in service.

The two ships were fundamentally identical save for negligible disparities and were moored alongside in dry harbour; the swap would necessitate nothing more complicated that substituting a few nameplates and plaques.

The Olympic, or, if the indemnity swap theory is factual the Titanic camouflaged as the Olympic, carried on to serve for a lot of years.

It operated as troop transport in WW1 and re-started service as a luxury liner in the 20s and 30s before been finally retired in the year 1935.

In all of that time, no confirmation that the ship was truly the Titanic was ever exposed. Even when it got dismantle during the year 1936 there was no sign that the ship was anything other than the Olympic.

Published by Mamatha on 12 Aug 2017
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